How to increase the company’s revenue without additional investments

How to increase the company's revenue without additional investments

How to increase the company’s revenue without additional investments

The idea of how to increase their income, from time to time must visit any person as an owner of big business and the employee. In an unstable economy increased revenue is especially important not impressive investments and long-term loans. If the business really need customers, prospects of its expansion necessarily there, you just need to see them.

Ron Hubbard, the classic American management in their work highlights several key actions that at exact performance can lead to a noticeable increase in revenue.

1. It is necessary to make a list of activities that bring you real income. After the write to each activity a separate list of the actions that have helped you in the past to get the maximum profit from it. Maybe some of them can be applied at the moment.

2. You also need to know exactly why a particular client chose your company, what influenced his choice? Conversely, if the client chose the competition services, though it did not suit him? This information can be obtained in the course of carrying out regular surveys of customers.

3. Do not underestimate the role of advertising in the successful promotion of a product or service, these spending pays off many times over.

4. Strongly reducing costs, leaving only the most necessary (advertising is one of them).

5. Constantly improve the company’s image — an external view of the office, an Internet site, customer reviews are able to help you in this, and vice versa.

6. Do not spare money on training, well-trained employees are able to bring us more benefits.

7. gradual increase profits consistently helpful to inspect each compartment of the operating speed, professionalism, customer acceptance, the ability to make telephone calls and so on.

8. We must try to improve the quality of goods or services, the service must be better than to expect a potential customer, at least in small things.

Such advice is still quite a lot, but they are all based on one key principle — to start making more money in the first place to try to do something that has repeatedly led to the success of large and small companies, and to take risks and to experiment better in quieter time.

How to choose the direction of business

How to choose the direction of business

How to choose the direction of business

Looking at successful entrepreneurs, eminent businessmen, sometimes it seems that the mere mortal will never rise to the heights on which they are located. It’s like another world — a world of gods, the other categories of thought, wealth different level. And sometimes even in the head does not come, that once they were just ordinary people, a little-known and is not rich. Representatives of well-known families of billionaires, from birth are in a special position, not take into account — their units, and they are a happy exception to the general rule.
The bulk of the «rich and famous» went to his Olympus similar way, at the beginning of which was to change his life, no matter what the cost …
selection problems
Problems vyboraRasprostraneno opinion that the opening of your business needs capital to start a decent size. And this postulate becomes a stumbling block for many beginners or intending to start their own business enthusiasts. However, there are start-ups, where you can do the minimum amount of initial capital or even without it.
Even more difficult it seems to choosing the direction of future business. These doubts are very natural: few people like to be wrong, to fall and lose. However, even here there are ways to minimize the risk of partial.
You can try to start an independent business in the area, which is familiar by virtue of professional activity. So open beauty salons and hairdressers, private clinics and fitness centers, in terms of food and shops. Knowledge of «kitchen» business — it features inside — allows you to quickly understand in which direction to go at each stage and what to watch out for. We’ll have a lot to comprehend and develop personally, as to serve the business and be responsible for the business as its leader — a category parallel. However, the scope of business and attracts a certain kind of people who are ready to take responsibility, to change the world around and change themselves.
You can start a business in the professional sphere
Note! Your profession can help you organize your business. You hired a lawyer? Then, it may be wise to open his own law firm. If you are a doctor, you can think about a private hospital.
If there is no desire to devote his life to the profession, from which is already painful physically at least, and in a new way — you can try to implement their plans in a different, interesting and new field. Courage, as you know, the city takes. And courage, multiplied by a great desire to bring a double dividend: pride in himself and his child, grown from scratch. The main thing is not to miss opportunities because of fear to make a mistake and rigorous approach to the organization of all business processes.
the Internet
Increasingly, burning eyes of potential entrepreneurs are turning to the Internet. Very much look attractive business opportunities world wide web, in the depths of which revolve a lot of money, count the order is unlikely anyone will succeed. First of all, the Internet — it is the launch pad, where you can start your business with absolute zero. A directions — business models, where you can realize itself — a great variety.
Admittedly, scheme selection of business on the Internet is quite acceptable for the physical business being in the real world. They differ only in the mechanisms and methods of monetization, dictated by the specifics of the most WWW.
Business models Internet
Business models Internet
You can earn from advertising — the most common at the moment the business model. The species offered a myriad of advertising — from posting on the site simple banners and ads to the content from Google and Yandex, and selling links.
In the Internet, as well as in real life, may be sold. Selling physical products via online store. And the goods will be sold around the clock, not just formally established working hours. You can sell services, digital content (songs, books, courses), and even that may not have a physical form, by definition. The fact that you can not touch — a «husky» VKontakte, rankings and scores in games, virtual characters and «Baubles» for them. In this unregulated field of law is rotate hundreds of millions of dollars!
You can not sell itself, and be an intermediary — the gasket between the selling party and the consumer. This business model is called a partnership. The most popular partnership, for example, are the catalogs of goods and services. The partner will receive a reward for impressions, clicks on the links of and for specific user actions.
Selling information services — much needed Internet business. A huge demand is the analyst on to consumers, online market research, loyalty programs.
And on the business models
In fact, the only choice is not limited to these models. You can come up with a combination thereof, or try to reinvent their business model. Many cloned Western business models, adapting them to the Russian-speaking segment. Either modify or supplement them. And it works too well. After all, to come up with an original idea quite easy.
In any case, whatever the choice of direction and place of business, you need to tune in to the result, not to stop there and go ahead in spite of everything. The other is simply given. And then in the end, all will happen.

How to start a business in trade

How to start a business in trade

How to start a business in trade

Sale of goods — not such a simple kind of business. To start a business in the trade, it is required to prepare well. After all, you need to choose the sphere of activity, to register as a business entity, to find a room, hire employees, purchase items … All this will take a lot of effort, money and time.
What to sell?
Before you start a business in the trade should be defined as precisely as possible with the scope of activities. Today you can sell anything you want: toys, lingerie, building materials, etc. Some activities require a license, but it is not a problem to get. We propose to use these tips to determine the scope of activities.
Almost a win-win option — to sell the goods of daily demand. These goods include food, medicine, clothes. These products people will always buy, so you will never be a loser. And if you make some effort and, for example, to make available rates, correctly position the building — you can get a good profit.
Engage in what like
The second option — to do what like and get the most. So you invest in the business not only money, but also the soul. And this, in turn, will bring you success. So, if you are — florist and indifferent to the colors, you can open a flower shop. Flowers, of course, are not everyday goods, but if you do anything with the soul, then the customers will be pulled.
Another option, the most difficult — to sell something that no one, or almost no one sells in your locality. In other words, you need to come up with any new idea, and invite people to the relevant goods. But, of course, you need to think about whether there will be demand for such goods. One example is the camera with Polaroid instant photo printing function. For a while, we got a very good profit producers and sellers — have not yet developed the technology so that the competitors are able to offer a similar product.
Note! When choosing the sphere of trade should also be borne in mind that some of them are seasonal. In other words, at the same time, the demand for a certain product has grown significantly, and in another — likewise falls. These include bathing clothes, travel goods, air conditioners: they will be better sold in the summer. On the contrary, costumes, heaters, coats are especially in demand in winter.
Start-up capital to trade
Start-up capital to trade
Trade — this is the business that do not do without the start-up capital. Items of expenditure may include the following:
registration fees SP or entity;
the cost of rent, purchase of commercial equipment;
the cost of procurement of goods;
the cost of paying wages to workers;
other expenses.
How much money will need to define, but you, nobody can. It depends on many circumstances. For example, your business may assume that work will be just you, or 1-2 people. Consequently, labor costs will be minimal. With regard to retail space — the cost of the more, the closer they are to the center of the village. If you intend to sell small goods via the Internet, it is possible that no space, shelter in your apartment, and do not need.
Another question — where to get money. If you have them — can only manage them competently. If there is no money, you should consider the following options:
to postpone the opening of the business and save money;
to take out a bank loan;
take advantage of the financial help of friends and relatives.
Note! Be sure to try to receive a subsidy for small or medium-sized businesses. The amount of subsidy is not very big, but it is given free of charge, and what the entrepreneur refuses to free care?
development Strategy
Let’s say you found a space, you have the money and the desire to start a business in trading. But, unfortunately, this is not enough. For successful businesses need high-quality and detailed business plan, which will include a study of the market situation, all possible costs and estimated profits. A business plan can be written to, but in almost every more or less large settlement there are specialized agencies that can help you.

How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video portals, which daily used by more than one million people. Placed Each movie can be a good source of passive income. Make Money on YouTube might even those authors who barely reached the age of 14, otherwise the paperwork will have to their parents. How to make money on YouTube and succeed?
You can get the money due to the placement of promotional videos.
To earn on an affiliate link.
What do you need
The author must have his own and other people’s videos.
Create one or more channels on YouTube.
Dial a large number of subscribers.
Acquire advertiser.
On advertising
Video portal has affiliate programs and add their own advertising in videos posted on the portal. Difficulties may arise in taking part in the affiliate program. To do this, the user will have to fulfill certain conditions.
Earnings available to all users of the Internet, if the video clip meets a number of requirements:

The video should be original and be located only on YouTube.
The author of a movie to be user only.
The author should periodically upload new videos to the portal, at least 1 time per week. The fact is that YouTube is the organizers are looking for people willing to work with them for a long time. If a user places every day new videos, his chances increase significantly on your channel.
The author must have its video channel to subscribers at least 1,000 people. This is at least a lot better if the number of subscribers will reach 5000.
Subscribers need to view videos. The minimum number of views for earnings — 1,000 times. The chances increase significantly if the video browsing around 50,000 times or more.
We need to develop our own brand for all copyright video. This is optional, but this approach can influence the decision of the Partnership. If a channel has a personal logo, supported by water marks, has a professional interface, subscribers will treat him with the greatest confidence.
Step by step plan
First, the user needs to register on YouTube as an author.
Remove the unique video.
Place it on your channel.
Take his promotion.
Score as many subscribers.
The increase in the number of views
It is necessary to optimize the video in full.
Use technical gadgets promotion of videos on the portal.
Sort videos into playlists.
Trying to attract more subscribers to view.
Apply gray methods of promotion videos.
To conclude a direct contract with a partner.
Placement of foreign movies
The author must create separate channels on your account.
Place on a single channel video is not more than 300-400.
Download a new video with a small amount of views or to place videos with foreign YouTube.
To achieve uniqueness in rollers can change the sound substrate and screensaver.
To monetize use Medianet Network.
For those who is particularly wise move, there is a good opportunity to come up with a new original idea. This will not only get a good profit, but also become popular. A good example can serve as a well-known comic transmission, as the names of their creators are known to many.
Author video
Roller Length should not exceed 5-7 minutes. If it is long, you can divide it into 2 parts.
Taking care of the design of the channel.
Optimize each downloaded video.
Choosing a new storyline for the video to start from the demand for user requests.
As much as possible to communicate with an audience channel.
If the user wishes to provide themselves with worthy earnings, fulfill all the conditions he could effortlessly.
Note! To join the affiliate program, the author should be placed on their channel at least 2 rollers.
On what video can earn
Video training character. To make video authoring, require some knowledge in any field, for example, baking, repair or playing musical instruments.
Reviews. Their subjects may be different, for example, movie reviews, video games, gadgets and anything that can cause interest of the audience.
Video of the gameplay the most favorite game programs.
Creating a personal video.
How to apply for a partnership application
Apply for partnership only need to follow all recommendations. Channel owner may send a request through the official website of the YouTube Partner Program. As a rule, the application shall be considered within 2 days, but sometimes users have to wait about a month.
How is the income
Earn to view the video and everyone can, but the size depends on the diligence of the author. First of all, the amount depends on how often the advertiser for viewers moving links. Each advertiser sets a price-per-click, and from this sum to relieve the author from 50 to 20% of the intermediary for each click.
To earn on YouTube, the author will have to spend a lot of time and effort. The second option is the most simplified and fast.
In affiliate programs and selling information products
Each spectator is considered to be a potential customer who may purchase infoproduktov both the author and his partners. To distribute the affiliate links, the author should write a description of a movie on the following schedule:
Put a video on the Internet.
Create a description, in which you must specify the affiliate link.
Calculate affiliate profits.
Note! This type of income is considered to be the most profitable. It does not matter what type of product you plan to sell.
channel owner will not have to worry about the authorship of the scenes video. In other words, to score as many subscribers who can get the goods, the owner of the channel can host a variety of interesting videos. Another good option is the cooperation with Google, but to earn on an affiliate program much easier.
Earning on YouTube, you can not think about competition, because here it is not. The author will compare the results with the results of the issuance of YouTube, for example, Google, or Yandex, using a single search query. Moreover, if the author was able to correctly pick the theme, set meta tags, meta tags, organize playlists and meta tags themselves video scenes, you can in a short time to bring the channel among the most popular YouTube portal.
To achieve good results, the creator of the channel need to show their talents, and possibly own a movie hero can become the object of imitation and personality, popular well-known producer and television show organizers.

How to Buy a Franchise

How to Buy a Franchise

How to Buy a Franchise

Deductible — one of the most popular ways of doing business today. But before you buy a franchise, you should carefully examine all the details of the work. Even the most well-known brand will not give an absolute guarantee that the business will be profitable and will pay for itself very quickly. After conducting preliminary research, analysis of the situation in the market and advance preparation can not say for sure that this brand will make a profit. It should also take into account a number of circumstances.

In which branch to take the franchise
There is a famous proverb, which says that an ideal work — highly paid hobby. And if a man each day does what he likes, he will never get tired of his job.
Indeed, buying a franchise just because it is fashionable, at least not logically. First, we should define the scope of business. It is necessary to choose according to their own interests and preferences. It must have the industry, of which the buyer has an idea. At this point you can select for themselves the pros and cons of franchising. If the company already has several outlets in the city, it is possible to evaluate their work. An excellent opportunity to learn about the inside of the company — to work there for a short time, or to undergo training. Thus it will be possible to provide for the difficulties which may arise during operation.

The company — the franchisee

For this issue should be taken very carefully. By studying the characteristics of the company, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of units for sale. So, if a company sells too many places, it can be a warning sign. There is a possibility that the franchisee is trying to get rid of unnecessary proposals involving price customers.
Before buying a franchise should very carefully examine the data about the company. It is best to study not only the information on the official website of the organization. Much attention can be paid to third-party resources and forums on the Internet. Perhaps it will make contact with other companies, also operating under the franchise.
The presence of a few negative reviews can be ignored. Even the most good offer will always be dissatisfied. But if a company has a scandalous reputation — it is an occasion to reflect.
Company experience in the market
Even though the newly opened company offers very favorable conditions for joining the network, the proposal should be very carefully considered. It is not always the minimum down payment will make a profit in the future.
Optimal company to buy a franchise — a network that works for more than five years and has at least thirty affiliates. As an exception, you can consider a new franchise network created under the control of an experienced businessman, who managed to win the trust to work with other well-known brands.

Website Promotion Articles

Website Promotion Articles

Website Promotion Articles

That’s why, even interesting and informative resources require proper quality optimization, which will allow the site to not get lost in the vast space of the modern Internet.

One of the most important ways to optimize web pages — is the placement of third-party resources on the subject articles containing links that the user is transferred to this same web page. The most effective way to give it, if the author of the following conditions are met:

a third-party resource wisely chosen;
correctly chosen keywords;
article is written correctly.
Placing feature articles on third-party sites — this is a very effective and profitable way to promote your site, because, firstly, this method of promotion of the site completely «white», ie, tools with which it is carried out «law» for any search engine, and secondly in one article is allowed accommodation of multiple links, and, thirdly, the reference in the topical publications are ranked by search engines is higher than the reference without a specific context.

Of course, in addition to the main three conditions mentioned above, there are a number of recommendations that are important to observe when writing SEO-articles. And now we will consider these recommendations in more detail.

Recommendation №1. As we said in the beginning — to catch the user’s attention today is not easy, so that your publication noticed it, of course, should have a bright and catchy title. However, it is important not only to catch the reader’s attention, but also to keep it, and because of the further text also will have to sweat.

It should be not only competent, but also easy to read and informative. It is important to respect and some slang are more accustomed to a particular thematic area. By the way, keep in mind one very important rule of the Titles: in any case, do not insert it links because it will be regarded as spam.

Recommendation №2. It is important that the article was the right size. It is clear that it is difficult to fully explain the subject on a thousand characters, and also recognize that fifteen thousand marks — this is overkill, Internet users do not like to read a lot.

The optimum size for, say, a «light» sites (sites about cosmetics, hairstyles, makeup, etc.) — 3,000-4,000 signs, and for «heavy» (the resources of politics, economy, technology) — 8000-10000.

Recommendation №3. The text should contain at least two and no more than seven keywords. This is the range that suits the customer, and the reader: a number of keywords provides a good effect in the search promotion, but still does not irritate the reader.

Recommendation №4. Keywords should be concentrated at the beginning and end of the article, the middle of the best «free» for a full disclosure of the problem, highlight the main points, to bring interesting facts, etc.

First, this «composition» will be comfortable for the reader, and, secondly, for the most correct search engine promotion as crawler focuses precisely the beginning and end of the article.

So, you write the perfect article, what next? Publish it on one portal and write a new one? It is not necessary! In order to accommodate the unique text on multiple platforms, it is not necessary to write a few articles. Today, there are special programs to rearrange certain way grammatical words and forms, as a result of a text prepared by a variety of different unique options.

The principle of «multiply» and the article can be by hand, without the aid of any programs. How? You can write, say, five texts of similar subjects, and then in different ways composing sentences and paragraphs, to create a number of «clones».

There is another very important issue: how to ensure the publication of a unique subject, because the network is already so much information? The answer is simple: write about the current. Find such area in which there are no problems with the news, for example, find the area of ​​articles and news about mobile communications.

We have almost every day there is a new gadget or a new gadget concept, so there is unlikely to have any problems finding a unique theme. It is also well suited portals of politics, economy, science, the truth to write articles on them is difficult, and it requires some special knowledge.

By the way, the search for the correct site for placement of the article, it is no less important issue than her writing. In general, the logical place to start searching for sites with catalogs see related search engines. It is necessary to find in the catalog section on appropriate topics, select the site has interested you, find contacts moderator (administrator) of the resource and send an inquiry about your wish to place your stuff on their resources.

If your article is actually written by all the rules, and thus is relevant, it is likely you will answer yes. In some cases, articles are placed for free, but you need to offer a very interesting and informative text.

Best option — is the placement of articles on topics relevant resources, because that is how you can provide not only the maximum number of transitions, but also a large number of actual orders (if we are talking about online stores).

You agree that it is probable that people connect themselves corporate tariff plan to see a reference to selling its online store in the article, which is posted on the portal of mobile communication tariffs higher than if he had met her on the news site about fashion.

Ideal conditions of accommodation — this is the resource owner’s consent to provide your meta tags (keywords, descriptions, title) for the page will be published your article, because they have an important impact on the perception of search engines links.

The main point in website promotion through publications — is the choice of keywords. From the literacy of their choice depends on the success and effectiveness of promotion.

Generally, there are two key words to define the strategy:

work with the high demands;
optimization for low and medium requirements.
The first strategy requires a lot of cost and time. Of course, most of the potential customers, trying to find the right product, it uses high-frequency queries, and so to be here in the top is extremely difficult and the process of achieving «top» very durable.

In addition there is a danger that when updating the search engine, you can lose a huge hard-earned position, and not to lose a couple of points, and «fly off» in the bottom of the list.

If you do not want to spend extra money, time, and you do not like risk, you will, of course, is more suitable second strategy. Here competition is minimal, and therefore, using a rare key questions, you can be in the top, not applying for this special effort. In addition, this strategy provides less «shaking» when updating the search engines.

To choose the right keywords and keyword phrases, you need to start to ask yourself a few questions. Firstly, to which category I include my site? Secondly, what words I would use if looking for data that is relevant to the subject of my site? And thirdly, what is unique about my site, and how it sets itself apart from others?

Once you find the answers to these three questions, you will immediately be able to identify about ten keywords that are very effective to work for you. In order to clarify which requests are most popular when searching for information you are interested in the theme, you can use the special services, which provide the majority of search engines.

Recently, it became quite popular to use as placing articles sites — blogs. And this is really a good option. Firstly, a personal blog — it’s your own ground, which means that it is always available and free of charge, you are publishing their texts when it is convenient.

Second, you can effortlessly substantially expand the range of readers — users who are interested useful and relevant articles very willing to go to your site, especially if that link fits well into the context. Meaningful, relevant, interesting — these are the three main factors that will help you to ensure the popularity of the blog and website — frequent transitions.

However, any two sides of a coin: regular blogging — it’s a lot of time and irregular nobody wants, because that blog was interesting to readers, it has to be updated daily. Because today is a very common practice to refer to hardened bloggers that they post articles on their blogs.

Moreover, you may like to write your own article and pay for only accommodation, or provide blogger absolute freedom of action. If you are lucky and you find a blogger with a constant and large audiences, apart from increasing the reference weight, you get a lot of new interested customers.

Choosing a site for the publication of articles, be extremely careful, now the number of «garbage» Blogging is growing literally by leaps and bounds — on such resources have no information, only continuous advertising. Link to this blog to get a very simple, but it only to you no one will come.

In addition, even working with a quality blog, will not be superfluous to periodically check on the integrity of its owner. Practice early, ostensibly accidental deletion or removal of the article indexing, is fairly common.

And something last. Remember, most of the search engine robots are focused directly on the text content of the resource, and therefore competent writing articles, the correct choice of keywords, and an attentive selection of partner sites — that is to say, the three pillars of your quick website promotion.

Ways to promote digital products

Ways to promote digital products

Ways to promote digital products

Free ways to promote goods

Link to the article (and its description) on your website or in your newsletter. Visitors to your website and your mailing list subscribers to trust you, therefore, a lot of them will get your goods without fear and risk.

From personal experience. I had a shop on the site. The site closed down for violating the rules of hosting. Sales dropped to near zero. 95% of my sales give me a mediocre website on free hosting. Draw conclusions.

The goods sold (if it is a file), or to invest the textual version html-document that contains links and descriptions of all the rest of your goods. If a product like the customer, then your credibility vozrostet repeatedly. The buyer wants to make a few purchases from you.

Offer discounts to regular customers. Discounts will serve as a new impetus, especially with 2 points. Mechanism store has the option to add discounts to your regular customers. Make dynamic discounts.

For example:
For customers who have made purchases worth more than $ 1 15% discount
For customers who have made purchases worth more than $ 5 a 25% discount, etc.

Answer the questions of potential buyers by e-mail. Answer all the questions. Well-written, detailed reply in a respectful tone will improve for you trust and encourages the buyer.

Give your customers the guarantee. Place your ad at the end of a small line: «If you do not like our products, please write to me by e-mail with an explanation of the causes of discontent and I’ll give you money.» This also eliminates the possibility of negative feedback, and consequently will increase your rating.

Place information about your product on various bulletin boards and forums. It is better to do it automatically 1-2 times a week. There are special programs that send your ad 100-300 boards one keystroke.

Pay methods of product promotion

Place your product in the recommended section. This option is available for all sellers The cost of this service is between 0,02 wmz per day. And, the more you pay, the higher will be your product relative to others.

Therefore your product will appear on the home page of the store. Your item will be highlighted in bold and will be above all in the thematic section. Thus, your product will notice a lot of potential buyers and, if correctly followed the previous free action, you will not avoid a lot of sales.

Add agent interest when adding product. Thus you will increase the number of sales made through agents.

Buy in contextual advertising Begun — the best online service for placing contextual advertising. Link to the description of your product will show off the best advertising on the sites Runet (,, etc.). And visitors will only target. The cost of a single click from 5 cents. But the money will pay off, because almost half clicked on your link will buy your product.

Record page for each of your product in the search engines and directories. This is a very powerful way to promote. Every person who will search the network for something in the likeness of your product will bump into your link.

Use all the free ways.

Use toll ways. Every dollar invested in advertising will come back to you tenfold.

How to increase sales 1.5 times with business policies and trade marketing

Как увеличить продажи в 1,5 раза с помощью коммерческой политики и трейд-маркетинга

How to increase sales 1.5 times with business policies and trade marketing

Client: Manufacturer of dry mixes.

Problem: Due to changes in the work to improve the channels and sales promotion programs to achieve sales growth of 1.5 times per year.

Competitive Advantage: Ease of use mixtures of long-term preservation and quality — «standard mixture».

Structure of sales: All sales — through distributors. 40% of the total accounted for by large construction companies and 60% — for small construction firms.

Sales promotion:
The low overall awareness of the company’s products in many regions was offset by lower prices. It has become a habit among intermediaries and made it impossible to return to the prices providing sufficient margin to the manufacturer. Moreover, the reduction in the selling price of the distributor does not always lead to lower retail prices for consumers.
Test package blends that distributor independently distributed in proportion to the purchases of customers.
Presentations for large construction companies (held Technologies Manufacturers).
Problem: Launched trade-marketing program. The company gives prizes and gifts when a certain volume of purchases. Costs of joint participation in fairs and budget for local advertising are partially offset by the distributor. However, all efforts have not given the desired results: the competitors were given a large test package mixes, offering lower prices and a delay of payment.


We offered the company to prepare and carry out two different programs of development and sales promotion.

1. The program for large customers: construction companies and shops
Work through the sales representatives of distributors. The main functions of the Trade Representative: search for large customers, sales capacity assessment, negotiations on the inclusion of the company’s products in the procurement plan of the client so as to ensure adequate supplies distributor warehouse order.
Prepared by the «map target regions» with a list of major construction and retail companies. We evaluate the possible purchase amount for each company and prepared a sales plan.
We held a series of presentations to retail sellers and superintendents of construction companies. During the presentation, demonstrated the advantages of products, the main emphasis on the important properties of the product for the consumer.
«Promotional Package» to be placed in the point of sale: firm stand, models of products, POS-materials.
Gifts: those who made the first purchase, and those who chose the agreed volumes at the start of the season.
We assess the potential distributors and selected 5 regions in which such sales structure justify itself economically

2. The program is designed for a wide distribution network in other regions where

At the core of the program — to change the pricing policy, which guarantees the distributor a higher margin than sales of competitors’ products.
Seasonal cumulative discount to distributors, which maintains trade competitions (also seasonal) among the buyers and sales managers.
Action «Gift with purchase» for construction companies in the performance of a specified amount of a single order.
To carry out several actions in different channels (distributors and construction companies) was extremely important to have a common data set for analysis and monitoring of stocks, as well as to identify inconsistencies.

Performance indicators of shares:
Assessment of interest to participate in the action determines the number of sales managers and buyers, who took part in the action (percent of total). The actual figure was at a good level of 35-45%.
Availability ratio defined as the ratio of the number of issued presents the total number of participants. The actual figure for staff distributors ranged from 50% to 60%, which also corresponds to a good level of involvement in the action.
Assessment of flow is defined as the number of days when the goods are out of stock distributor, the total number of days the stock.

Sales growth in the Program 1 — work with large clients through sales of key distributors — amounted to 58% for the year.

Sales growth in the Program 2 was 43%.

During the trade-marketing actions identified major and prospective customers of distributors, further sales are planned in view of the data.

How to learn to think big and earn big money

How to learn to think big and earn big money

How to learn to think big and earn big money

Legendary thinking Trump helped him build skyscrapers, hotels and casinos, to create an airline to buy a football team, several helicopters, 282-foot yacht. All influential people heard by the fate of many people. With thinking on a grand scale and is closely related to the possibility of large wins that put you far ahead compared with the rest of humanity.
An example of this can serve as a Cliff, vice president of operations of the corporation, where he was much younger than many of his colleagues and subordinates. Cliff was well received by staff. When he visited the factory for the production of leading specialists were willing to cooperate with him. Accordingly, Cliff felt confident in his new position had real power. Ron, vice president of engineering parts in the same corporation, was older than the main part of his subordinates.
For a long time it took him to move to his post, he has not received any evidence of support from others. Its administrative and engineering offers all the time met with objections from various people. Ron felt very insecure as the real limits of his authority as vice — president were highly uncertain. Personal qualities and abilities are decisive in the perception of Cliff and Ron from peers and subordinates.
The most important difference between them lies in the fact that Cliff seriously benefit from this place. Ron, becoming vice — president, made a not very big step forward. Cliff in the company is considered an outstanding manager. He established himself as a person who acts on its rivals ahead of the curve, and succeeds. Ron was unpopular. People accepted his new assignment with displeasure, it seemed that one could find the best candidate for the post of vice-president.

Good site — a successful business

Good site - a successful business

Good site — a successful business

Modern society has long since passed the stage of information, and now any sphere of activity is reflected in the Internet. As for businesses, the Internet has become for him almost the only way to earn money and find customers. But in order to function effectively is not enough just to have access to the Internet, you still have a quality information product that would speak about the status of the company.

Why do I need a good website?
This question is asked by people who are generally not relevant to the business and promote products and services. Because modern business people know that a good website — a calling card of the enterprise on which the judge and the company itself.

Today, potential and actual consumers do not want to stray from the legs to find the right product or service. Therefore, the cycle of customer contact and more altered as follows:

Buyer began to think about what he needs to buy a commodity.
I looked on the internet all the appropriate resources.
I analyzed the range and pricing of selected sites and choose the best.
I make orders via the Internet or by contacting the seller and established contacts to make a purchase.
Entrepreneurs who are interested in customer behavior and the course of their thoughts have to understand what really makes them tick, and how to stand out against the background of its competitors. This competition takes place today in the space of the Internet, and it can be won only by creating a quality website of the company that will meet customer needs.

A good website must perform many tasks:

Carry information to potential customers. It’s not just advertising, but unobtrusive advertising loyal customers. The information may be different from informative articles on the site, to the description of the goods and master classes in its application.
To attract new customers and retain permanent. If customers subscribe to the site, they will always be up to date with new additions and changes in your activities. This allows you to establish closer contact and will not allow to forget about the existence of a store or company.
To create a positive image of the company. Often, many companies do not even have an office, but having a good website creates an image of a large company where customer care and serious approach to business.
How to make a good website?
There are several criteria for evaluating the attractiveness of the site:

The interface, that is the initial page that needs to be framed overdue. Everything has to be thought out: the color, size, shape, content writing. Do not use an ordinary text book on a uniform screen. This site is unlikely to attract attention to themselves and consumers. It is necessary to take into account the latest trends and conduct periodic updates of the site, for example, seasonal. Then, the man who has come to the site will see that the company cares about their resource and their customers.
Content. You can talk about the history of the company, its achievements and awards. Information about contacts and managers should also be located in a prominent place. It is not necessary to hide the names of managers — this fact can alert customers of a sudden they have something to hide. For those who have nothing to hide, you can put copies of their certificates and authorizing documents that would indicate the seriousness of the enterprise. Customers essential content, so if the company sells the goods, must be present on the site range from the detailed description and photos. If you do not, the orders are unlikely to wallow.
The frequency of updates. If the latest update on the site happened six months ago, then wait for the success of such a site is not necessary. In addition, the search engines will not find the site, and to reach it is unlikely someone will be able to. Search engine optimization is a prerequisite for the promotion of the site and attract more customers.
Just tell us about yourself and show little variety, you need to create more and more accessible for visitors. For example, in the catalog must be possible to select search parameters among products. Serious companies have to take care of a site administrator, who would be able to answer the questions. Many even offer to make a call online, to consult on issues of interest.
As can be seen, make your website attractive and modern is not difficult, but it’s worth a lot of money. However, after spending a time to create a quality product, you will need to maintain the site and update it constantly. If you look at the statistics relationship situation in the companies and the quality of their sites, will come one conclusion: «Good site — the key to a successful business.»